Decorate your Vacation Rental for Christmas

Decorate your Vacation Rental for Christmas

It’s hard to believe that Christmas will be here before you know it which means it’s time to decorate your vacation rental. We at Sloan Realty have come up with a small list that will help you get ready for the holidays and decorating your vacation rental. Let’s look below at what you and the family can do to get your rental ready for its guests.

Christmas Tree

Decorate your Vacation Rental for Christmas

One way that you know it’s the holidays is by seeing all the Christmas tree lots around town. But the best part is finding the perfect tree that you want to put inside you vacation rental. If you won’t be staying long at the rental, then you can always get an artificial tree this year to use for years to come. Decorating the tree in a theme is something that many families love to do together.  Whether it’s a beach theme or more traditional, it’s totally up to you on how you want to decorate it.

Decorate the Front Porch

Decorating your home on the outside can seem a little taunting but know that you can still decorate your tastefully. This year’s theme is to decorate your home with simple things that you may already have at home or in your rental. Placing a wreath on your front door or a wooden hanger is what many families are doing. The wreath doesn’t have to be extravagant and can be found at many local retailers. Decorate the front steps of your rental with simple lanterns that have bows on them, and a nice wooden sign helps pull the decorations together. Just enjoy decorating the outside of your rental with the rest of the family.

Add Special Touches

Decorate your Vacation Rental for Christmas

It seems that adding special touches inside your rental will make your guests feel like they are home. Hang a little garland around the doorways and stairs along with placing some decorative boxes along the staircase. Adding some fun throws on the couch or leave cute pillows on the couch can make it feel more like everyone’s home. Wrap a few boxes to leave under the tree as decorations for the whole effect of it being the holidays.

There are many other things that you can do to get ready for the holiday season at your vacation rental this year. These are just a few we suggest that you can do this season for you and your guests. We can’t wait to see you and your family this holiday season as you celebrate Christmas with the family in your vacation rental!

Spend Thanksgiving in Myrtle Beach this Year

Spend Thanksgiving in Myrtle Beach this Year

Every year for Thanksgiving, many people prefer to stay home and have the family over. But there are many people who like to take a vacation and visit new places for the holiday. This year make a new tradition with your family and come stay in one of our Myrtle Beach Vacation condos for Thanksgiving. Myrtle Beach is the perfect location to celebrate this holiday with family this year. Let’s see why you and your family must visit Myrtle Beach for this Thanksgiving.

Family Time

Spend Thanksgiving in Myrtle Beach this Year

The start of Thanksgiving for many families begin with the adults and children, gathering in front of the television watching The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. As the aroma of the turkey cooking in the oven or the preparation begins in the kitchen. Spend part of the day spending time with your loved ones by playing board games or a game of UNO. Then have a wonderful Thanksgiving meal sitting in the dining room of your rental and taking a walk on the beach afterwards. Spending the day with your family means you get all the quality time in the world with them. Sometimes we all like to be too busy to sit down and not a do a thing once in a while. Make this holiday the best one you’ve had in a long time.

Beautiful Views

Even during the off-season, Myrtle Beach is nothing but beautiful to visit. Spending Thanksgiving watching the waves roll in and out while you wait for dinner to be ready is a perfect day. You may see many families on the beach enjoying the sunlight or you may see families having their pictures taken they can use as their Christmas cards. Take a nice long walk on the beach while watching the sunset or collecting seashells with the kids can be just as exciting as being at the beach for the holiday weekend.

Perfect Weather

Spend Thanksgiving in Myrtle Beach this Year

While many other states may be experiencing winter-like temperatures during the month of November, the weather here in Myrtle Beach is quite pleasant. With the high’s normally around 68 degrees, who wouldn’t want to spend the holidays there? While the weather isn’t as warm as in the summer, it sure makes for a wonderful day to spend it on the beach with the family. Let the kids build sandcastles or have your pictures taken to use for your Christmas cards. Make it a holiday vacation that everyone will remember for years to come.

Christmas Shopping

After Thanksgiving, the Christmas music fills the air as people go shopping to grab the best deals on Black Friday. There are several places in Myrtle Beach where you can go shopping at for those deals to help save money on your Christmas shopping list. You can head to one of the Tanger Outlet Malls, Barefoot Landing or to one of the malls. You can also find some great deals at local shops as well. Don’t miss out on any deal that will help you save money in the long run.

While you could be staying home and eating the traditional Thanksgiving meal at home, we thought you’d enjoy this idea a little better. If you are still searching for that perfect Myrtle Beach Vacation condo, then please check out our inventory. We hope to see you this Thanksgiving and spending it with the ones you love!

What Are Your Family's Favorite Holiday Traditions?

There are probably as many annual holiday traditions as there are families in this country. But when was the last time you considered adding new ones or letting some of the older, less interesting ones fall by the wayside? Many traditions are set up by a generation of people long ago so ask yourself what tradition has your generation added to the family?

Some traditions seem like they’ve been around since the beginning of time. And indeed they have! Eating turkey for Thanksgiving is an example of a tradition that is nationwide in this country. There are also family traditions for the whole family that includes the grandparents. But perhaps you’ve started your own new traditions for your immediate family that will be handed down to your children. If you haven’t, this is a great year to start!

What’s Your Most Favorite Holiday Tradition?

Many families will make gingerbread cookies or a decorated gingerbread house each holiday with the children. This is an age-old tradition that only some families participate in. Others will make a variety of Christmas cookies to share with neighbors, family and friends.

A newer tradition is to set up luminaries on Christmas eve to help Santa find his way to your house. Families line the pathway to their house with lit tea candles placed into paper bags before going to bed.

A favorite among probably all families with children is to leave milk and cookies out on a plate for Santa. He used to come down chimneys but now with so many homes not having fireplaces, he often resorts to using the back door with his magical key. But you can be sure he always looks for that plate of cookies!

What’s Your Most Favorite Holiday Tradition?

Putting up a Christmas tree is another popular tradition that has changed every year that goes by. From tiny 4” pre-decorated trees to 12’-14’ live trees, the only limitation on the tree is the size of the room you’re putting it in. Some people opt for artificial trees to avoid the mess a live tree can make. Trees come in traditional green, silver, white, blue, red – you name it! Others go even greener and decorate a house plant they already have. No matter what you use, it’s the reason for the season that matters most of all.

Christmas caroling is an age-old tradition for many families. Thanks to the Internet now you can print out the words to any Christmas carol. Families gather together in the living room or walk the neighborhood with flashlights while singing popular carols together.

What’s Your Most Favorite Holiday Tradition?

All of us at Sloan Realty encourage you to think about how you can start a new tradition for your family this year. Merry Christmas to all!