Family Fun Activities for the Beach

Family Fun Activities for the Beach

Going on any vacation is always fun but when you spend it with the ones you love make it better. We at Sloan Realty can tell you that finding fun activities that everyone in the family will love is sometimes a little difficult. When you are staying in the Myrtle Beach area, it’s hard to find a place where you all can have a little fun on the sand. Below are a few of the family fun activities that you can enjoy while enjoying a little sun, water and fun in the sun.

Sand Drizzle Sculptures

Family Fun Activities for the Beach

Have you ever made sand drizzle sculptures when you were a kid? You can either go down close to the water or you can get a bucket of water and add dry sand to it. Then you grab a handful of the wet sand and drizzle it. It can be a lot of fun to kids of all ages and that includes the adults too. As a family you can see who can make the best sculpture and the tallest. It doesn’t matter who the winner will be either because you are all winners!

 Play Hot Potato

This is a classic game that is often played at kid’s parties with a potato or small ball. But since you are at the beach on vacation, then you will want to use something else like say a beach ball. It doesn’t have to be a big beach ball, but one that everyone can pass around quickly enough before the music stops. Be sure to bring a beach ball, a small radio and the family and have a friendly game of “beach” potato!

Build a Sandcastle

Family Fun Activities for the Beach

For many children, building a sandcastle on the beach is what they live for on every vacation. But having the whole family get in on the action of building the biggest and best sandcastle is what everyone wants. Grab a few buckets, shovels and some sandcastle molds and make the best sandcastle that you’ve ever made. Have the kids go and find several shells, driftwood and a few other things they find on the beach for decoration. Just have the best time making the sandcastle or sandcastles together as a family.

Make Art in the Sand

One thing that many children love to do, is to play in the sand. So why not make the sand their art canvas and draw their creations on the beach. They can use a small stick or a shells edge to draw their artwork. Decorate it with shells, sea glass, wood, seaweed and more. Let your child’s imagination run wild while they are enjoying their time at the beach. Take a picture of their artwork with the child standing next to it and one without them. Then when you get back home, get a few copies made of the artwork and frame it for them to remember that trip for years to come.

There are so many other fun things that you and your family can enjoy while on vacation, but we wanted to share these with you. If you are still looking for a place to stay when you visit Myrtle Beach, check our vacation rentals out today. We can’t wait until you visit us on your next trip to the Myrtle Beach area!

Where to Get the Best Coffee in Myrtle Beach

Where to Get the Best Coffee in Myrtle Beach

If you plan on visiting Myrtle Beach this spring, then we must tell all about where to get coffee in the area. Many of the locals find some of the best coffee shops in the area so they too can get their daily dose of caffeine in. And if you happen to be staying in one of our Myrtle Beach vacation rentals, then you won’t be far off from any of them. Let’s look at our picks for where to get the best coffee in Myrtle Beach.

Boardwalk Coffee House

Located right in the heart of Myrtle Beach is where you will find one of our top picks for grabbing a cup of coffee in the area. Boardwalk Coffee House not only serves amazing coffee, but they also serve breakfast. This coffee house is family friendly so bring along the family for a wonderful morning out to eat while you enjoy a nice cup of joe. If you happen to come in on a hot day and don’t want a hot cup of coffee, then you will be able to grab an iced coffee, frappes and even a smoothie for the kids. Other treats you can get would be ice cream, milk shakes and even an assortment of chocolate dipped goodies. Don’t miss this coffee house on your next visit to Myrtle Beach.

Coffee Nerd Bar & Cafe

Where to Get the Best Coffee in Myrtle Beach

Located at Barefoot Landing you will find a unique little coffee shop called Coffee Nerd Bar & Café. Here you will be able to grab yourself a cup of coffee and even some breakfast selections. Even when on vacation, many visitors love to come here as they have many different coffee drinks available. Coffee Nerd does offer you other items including Nerd Specials, Hot Sandwiches and more.

Native Joe’s Scoop & Grind

Native Joe’s Scoop & Grind is not like any coffee shop that you have probably been to and many visitors to love it. Here you will be able to enjoy a nice hot cup of joe, or if you’d like you can take advantage of the ice cream treats as well. Native Joe’s Scoop & Grind is open 7 days a week from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. You will also be able to grab yourself and family a different kind of drink such as a Hot Chocolate, Tamarindo, and a Sand N Ur Pants Shake. This is not like any other coffee shop that you have been to and we highly recommend you check it out too.

Fresh Brewed Coffee House

Where to Get the Best Coffee in Myrtle Beach

If you are searching for a new coffee house, you have never experienced before then Fresh Brewed Coffee House is a must visit on your next vacation. Locals consider this coffee house to have some of the best drinks and love to share their stories with you and your family. You are also able to grab yourself a bag of coffee to take home with you and if you’d like a little something to go with your coffee, they have a little bakery. Sit back and enjoy the scenery and also some of the staples that many are looking for as far as coffee goes. We promise you that this is a place you need to visit on your next vacation!

While there are other coffee shops that are in the Myrtle Beach, we thought that you’d enjoy these. And if you are still searching for the right place to come stay in, then you must check out our Myrtle Beach vacation rentals today. We look forward to seeing you and your family on your next vacation to the beach!

Fun Winter Activities in Myrtle Beach to Take Advantage Of

Fun Winter Activities in Myrtle Beach to Take Advantage Of

Are you vacationing this winter in Myrtle Beach area and not sure what to do? We at Sloan Realty can tell you about the fun winter activities to take advantage of when you come on vacation this year. Myrtle Beach has a ton of things to do and trying to find the right one that fits what your family needs may be in this list. Let’s look at what fun winter activities to take advantage of on your next family vacation.

Visit Museums

Fun Winter Activities in Myrtle Beach to Take Advantage Of

Some of the museum selections that are available in Myrtle Beach may surprise you.  Many of the museums are all family-friendly and great for kids of all ages. The Hollywood Wax Museum where you can “meet” wax celebrities or go through the mirror maze and then do the zombie-themed adventure towards the end of the tour is something fun for everyone. Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum is something like other that you may have seen. It includes many different things that you may have never known existed included weird and unusual facts, exhibits and more. WonderWorks is another museum that you may have never experienced before. This is more like an amusement park in itself and is fun to experience. There are several different hands-on activities, rides and exhibits that your family can take part in such as laying on a bed of nails and more. Who wouldn’t want to do a few days of this on your next vacation?

Enjoy the Skywheel

Finding new adventures to take part in when you go on vacation is always a must. Head on over to the Boardwalk where you can find the Skywheel. Here you and your family can go on a giant Ferris Wheel but it’s not like any other you may have gone onto. The Skywheel is enclosed with air-conditioning for you to enjoy. And we can tell you the views are absolutely amazing and breathtaking! You may find that everyone in the family will fall in love with being able to see what they can see in Myrtle Beach and the ride is a good long one too.

It’s Mini-Golf Time

Fun Winter Activities in Myrtle Beach to Take Advantage Of

Many people these days can remember vacationing at the beach and heading over to do a night or two of miniature golf with their family. So, why not start this as a tradition with your family on each vacation you take to Myrtle Beach? There are plenty of miniature golf places around Myrtle Beach whether it’s in North or South, you will find a mini-golf place. But pick a few places to try before trying to figure out if it’s the new “family” mini-golf course you want to visit every trip. And you may find that some of your family members will be very competitive too which can be fun for everyone. But just go out and enjoy the day or the evening with your loved ones.

Who Wants to Race?

If you and your family have been looking to do a little something more adventurous, then we suggest heading over to Broadway Grand Prix for a night. Here you will be able to take advantage of racing each other in a round or two of go kart. And we understand that if you have younger children in your family they will want to feel included too in the fun. So, have no fear as there are several things for them to take part in too such as the carousel, kiddie speedway, pro tow and their very own sky wheel. There are also bumper calls for the whole family to enjoy, an arcade, mini-golf and rock-climbing wall. So many different activities for everyone to take part in while they are on vacation!

Where to Eat

Fun Winter Activities in Myrtle Beach to Take Advantage Of

We have to say that anytime you go on vacation, it’s always nice to eat out for a few days. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner there is something for everyone in Myrtle Beach. Of course, there are plenty of chain restaurants for you to try, but why not try a few that you may not have thought about. Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen is a great pick for anyone who is looking for good southern cooking. Here you and your family can enjoy the Family Style Dining both for lunch and dinner. We can tell you that the Fried Green Tomatoes are amazing and is a must get for your meal. Another local favorite would have to be Tupelo Honey which has excellent food choices for everyone in the family. And let’s not forget about the amazing seafood restaurants that you will find in the area. None of these restaurants will disappoint and we even have some dining options at Myrtle Beach Resort for you to enjoy.

Sloan Realty is the prime place to be for your next family vacation to help begin experience new memories. If you are experience snow or even cold weather, then come to Myrtle Beach where you will be able to be a little warmer this winter. We can’t wait to see you soon as you make new traditions with the family!

Things to Do When It Rains on Your Vacation

Activities to Do When it Rains on your Vacation

Do you have a planned family vacation in one of our Myrtle Beach vacation rentals this summer? Whether it is raining, too hot or you just want to explore the Myrtle Beach area there are several things to do if it rains on your vacation. Look below at a few of the places we recommend to many of our guests while an afternoon storm happens to ruin the fun outdoors.

Ripley’s Aquarium

Activities to Do When it Rains On Your Vacation

Ripley’s Aquarium is a great attraction that everyone in your family would enjoy! Whether it is raining out, hot or you just want to explore the area head on over to Broadway at the Beach. They have many great exhibits within the aquarium that your kids may never want to leave. And be sure to check out Ripley’s Mermaids where you can watch a show and get to take a picture with one. This is one attraction that your kids will want to always go to whenever it rains! You can purchase tickets online or directly at the aquarium. Be sure to check out their hours of operation and know that if it rains, it will become crowded so get there early if you can.

Myrtle Beach Room Escape

Myrtle Beach Room Escape happens to be one of the newest attractions for many to play. This is a real-life adventure game that you will have to use teamwork from your friends and family. You must “escape” your room within 60 minutes by solving puzzles, searching for objects and more. Each room is different so no room is alike. There is no age limit on this attraction, but know that if you have a younger child who might get scared easily, this might not be the thing for you. You do have to make reservations online to be able to enjoy this so just check out their website to see what is available for when you’d like to go.

Rockin’ Jump Myrtle Beach Trampoline Park

Activities to Do When it Rains On Your Vacation

Rockin’ Jump Myrtle Beach is another great attraction for you and your family to enjoy. If you have ever been to an indoor trampoline park before then you know what it is all about. But for those who have never visited one before, it is fun for all ages. Not only will you get to jump with your kids, but it will give you exercise for the day too. Be sure to check out their website for their hours of operation and the prices of the admission.

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament is a family-friendly dinner show that will make you feel like you are a part of the show. Inspired by an 11th century four-course feast you to enjoy. The tournament is a 2-hour live performance that includes jousting, sword fights and more. Plus, while you are eating there are no utensils because in those times they didn’t exist.

Things to Do When It Rains On Your Vacation

There are also many other places you can check out such as the Myrtle Beach Mall, Tanger Outlets and the Coastal Grand Mall. No matter what the weather is like these activities can be enjoyed for a few days while you are on vacation. If you are still looking for a oceanfront condo give us a call at 800-476-1760 for our last minute discounts. We at Sloan Realty look forward to seeing you soon!