Hurricane Season: Things to Know

Occasionally vacationers to the area as well as those coming to look the area over as a relocation destination, ask about the hurricane season. As with most things, what you hear about it can sometimes be worse than the facts at hand. At Sloan Realty we live here year round and have for many years. Locals around these parts are experienced with and respectful of hurricanes and know the proper steps to take. You’ll find they’re always happy to share that information with anyone that asks.

Hurricane Season: Things to Know

There are some things you should know about Hurricane Season. We’ll share them with you below so you don’t live in fear during your time in the area.

1. Hurricane season along the Eastern Coast of the U.S. is from May 31 through November.
2. Hurricanes never stage a surprise attack. You’ll know they’re coming days or weeks in advance.
3. A hurricane travels very slowly and can take weeks to get to where you’re standing.
4. When an impending hurricane is due to reach land you can expect the airports to have limited flight availability or outright close.
5. Travel insurance is a good idea during hurricane season whether it be through the airline, car rental agency or vacation accommodation agency. Read the fine print carefully.
6. When traveling during hurricane season it’s a good idea to monitor local radio and other sources of information, such as the National Hurricane Center, to stay aware of any weather developments in the area.
7. Minor tropical storms can develop into hurricanes very quickly, limiting the time available for a safe evacuation.
8. Travelers should maintain close contact with their tour operator, hotel staff, and local officials for evacuation instructions in the event of a weather emergency.
9. Stock up on bottled water, non-perishable food, flashlights, batteries and other essential items you may need
10. If an evacuation order is executed, you will be notified ahead of time where there are safe emergency shelters where you can go.

For additional information on hurricanes and other tropical storms, visit the State Department’s website on Natural Disasters.


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