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 Mortgage Interest Calculator

Please follow the directions carefully
You may calculate how much your new house is going to cost you.
Just use this JavaScript Mortgage calculator to run the numbers.
It will show your monthly payments for your home.
The sale price was forwarded for you from the last home you viewed in the HomeGuide.
ONLY use your computers tab key to advance to the next data field.
Sale Price
Actual Price of property
% Down
Percentage of down payment
not Currency amount - % of loan i. e. 10, 15, 20 etc.
Loan Balance
Actual Amount of Loan
This reflects after the down payment amount
Interest Rate in Percentage
i.e. "7.9", "8.3", "6.4" etc.
No# of

360 = 30 year mortgage.
Total Number of Payments
You may edit this amount.
Projected Monthly Payment Amount **
These calculations are estimates based upon your input.
**Actual payment amounts may vary. This is only a guideline.
Please contact a bank or mortgage company for the correct figures.